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Jaw coupling with round axis clamp

  • Vibration dampening and connectable
  • Coupling material: Aluminium
  • TPU elastomeric centre
  • Shore hardness 98 Sh A
  • Temperature range -30°C to +100°C
Product description
The coupling connects the drive pin of the axis to the motor journal. An elastic polymer insert, in the centre of the coupling transfers the motor torque.  This dampening element compensates for radial and axial clearance.
Type code (not configurable, serves only for explanation))
Part number: COU-AR-K-050-B-AAAB
1st digit (COU): Product type
2nd digit (AR): igus internal
3rd digit (K): Product definition
4th digit (050): Bore diameter 1/d1/motor
5th digit (000): Bore diameter 2/d2/axis
6th digit (25): Coupling outer diameter
7th digit (26): coupling length
8th digit (B): coupling inner rim
9th digit (AAAB): Bore type (AAAA = round, AAAB = square)
Technical data