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Shears replacement through 180 degrees

Reversible-head trimming shears

These are used to trim metal strips on both sides. The reversible-head trimming shears allows the continual trimming of coated and galvanised strips, and the simultaneous working or set-up on the outer cutting heads. For this purpose, the blade structure is moved sideways and turned through 180 degrees for shears replacement. The rotary movement also affects the media supply and the electric cables, some of which are inside the machine. Normally, major dismantling work would be necessary to replace these media supplies and electric cables. For this reason, these are routed inside using two igus® e-chains® of the 4040 series per side, thus protecting them from damage. Two e-chains® of the 5050 series carry out the sideways movement. chainflex® cables are also used.
Maschinenfabrik Heinrich Georg GmbH, Martin Göbel, Kreuztal, Germany

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