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Industrial scanners

Here, igus® e-chains® are used in two industrial scanner applications. With the first application, cracks can be determined in concrete slabs. The scanner rotates by 360° on a surface 2.5 x 2.5 metres in size. Two e-chains® are used for energy supplies; one for the circular movement and one for the travel movement. The second application scans any number of objects on a table 1.4 square metres in size, which can also be turned through 360° and moved up and down by 1 metre. 9 scanner modules are arranged around the table for this application. An igus® triflex® R that can be moved in three dimensions houses a total of 16 cables and routes these to the scanner.

Vayu Engineering, Vasudeva Murthy,
Bangalore, India

Industrial scanners Industrial scanners
Industrial scanners Industrial scanners

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