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Impressive stage experience

Dragon robot

A robot as actor: The "Tradinno" is one of the main actors at the oldest German people's play, the "Further Drachenstich". The jury honoured the particular creativity of this application with the special vector award. Despite the confined installation space and difficult surrounding conditions (hydraulic oil, temperature), the energy transmission must be guaranteed during the use on stage. A special requirement was the large necessary, three-dimensional range of motion of the individual joints. The e-chains® are rugged and easy to install, while at the same time the minimal bend radius is very small. Multi-dimensionally movable igus® e-chains® of the series triflex® R in tail, neck and legs of the dragon robot ensure an intense stage experience.

Zollner Elektronik AG, Sandro Bauer, Zandt, Germany

Dragon robot Dragon robot
Dragon robot Dragon robot
Dragon robot Dragon robot

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