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Safe trolleys travel

Crane applications

In this case, two different crane applications have been realised using the igus® energy chain series 5050 from the E4/4 range The indoor crane carries out a rotary motion through +/- 180°, the movement radius is 3.85 metres. The energy chain is used for the trolley travel. The energy chain in the outdoor crane has a travel of 40 metres and can even withstand rough weather and ambient conditions.

Fabryka Urządzeń Dźwigowych S.A.,
Mińsk Mazowiecki, Poland

Picture: Bartosz Ruciński Picture: Bartosz Ruciński
Picture: Piotr Zabłocki Picture: Piotr Zabłocki
Picture: Bartosz Ruciński
Picture: Piotr Zabłocki

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