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Deburring with Yaskawa

In this application, shower trays are deburred fully automatically. Superfluous material is removed from the edge, and the hole for the drain is milled. Furthermore, the surface can be ground by the robot to eliminate production residue.
Company: Delta Automation Sp. z o.o.
Contact person: Dominik Grzywnowicz

Country: Poland

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The robot was delivered without an energy supply, which means that the hoses and cables between axes 3 and 6 would have run without protection or guidance. 
This was an increased safety risk, as both could get caught on the robot or chafe.   Furthermore, nothing should snag on the workpiece or work table. 


The most cost-effective solution for this kind of application is the installation of a fibre-rod. This ensures that the hoses and cables are guided safely, offers protection against external influences, and the ideal distance to the robot arm is always maintained. 
Due to the universal installation kit, the fibre-rod is very easy to assemble as the installation kit can be adjusted to fit the individual robot.

Yaskawa deburring
Yaskawa deburring