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Remote controlled, compact manipulator

The company James Fischer Nuclear specialises in the construction of manipulators in the nuclear sector. Here the requirements are very high and no failures are permitted. The top priority is safety and quality, followed by compact installation space with maximum freedom of movement. The seemingly special solutions are usually a combination of standard components, which are combined according to the customer's requirements.
Company: James Fisher Nuclear
Contact person: Mr. Sam Ward
Country: United Kingdom

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The manipulators must also have a very slim design due to the usually very narrow radius of movement. The options with loose e-chain or fibre-rod were already ruled out from the start since the robot was installed upside down in order to hook in, and they are simply not compact enough. 
As an additional difficulty, axis 6 must cope with a rotation of up to 1080°, which requires a very long retraction length. 

  • Compact installation space was top priority
  • Longer retraction distance than possible for one system


A TR.RSE.50.R and TR.RSE.50.L were combined to obtain the required retraction length. This trick made it possible to achieve almost twice the pull-out length compared to just one system. Moreover, the desired installation space remained as compact as possible.

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