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Quality control tests with cobots

In this application the UR cobot first takes over the function of quality control. Equipped with an additional 2D camera and vacuum hoses, the brake pads are checked and pre-sorted accordingly. After passing the quality control, the cobot also undertakes part of the assembly.

Company: PT Astra Otoparts Divisi Winteq
Contact person: Mr. Bryan
Country: Indonesia


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The additional functions, such as picking up the workpieces, make an additional vacuum hose on the robot necessary. For the camera-controlled quality inspection aspect, another cable and camera had to be attached to the cobot. However, the supply of the UR does not include an external energy supply system.

  • No external energy supply system included in the scope of delivery of the UR cobot
  • The customer has a certain visual demand on robots and therefore wanted, as he put it: "attractive  design"
  • A fastening of the cable and hoses without a conceptual basis was also out of the question for the customer.  


With the UR clamps and the easy to fill TRE.40.058.0.B, the external energy supply of the gripper and the camera obtained a visual and functional value. In addition, the service life of cables and hoses will also be extended many times over.