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Palletisation with Fanuc R2000iC 165F

The robot takes over the loading and unloading of pallets. It is possible that the robot takes certain products from a pallet or adds them to it. A pallet does not always have to have exactly the same products on it.
Company: I. H.S. d.o.o.
Contact person: Mr. Kristian Zidarič
Country: Slovenia

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An additional servo unit was installed on the 6th axis of the Fanuc R-2000 iCF 165F, which had to be supplied with additional cables & hoses. In addition, the 6th axis must perform a minimum rotation of 360°, which unnecessarily increased the chain length without a retraction system (TRE.RS.60.087.1500.B). Due to the many movements, it is important to keep the moving parts on the robot as close and short as possible.

  • Without the retraction system (TRE.RS.60.087.1500.B) the chain length would have been too long due to the 360° movement.
  • Hoses and cables required for the servo unit on axis 6 also had to be guided by axis 2-6


By installing the retraction system (TRE.RS.60.087.1500.B) together with the e-chain TRE.B (TRE.60.087.0.B), all cables could be guided safely to the robot. The protectors (TR.60.30) protect the chain at points subject to particularly heavy wear, thus reducing wear and tear while increasing service life.
Another big advantage of the TRE.B version is the 4x higher stability compared to the TRE version and the possibility to exchange cables or hoses easily. These can be easily fitted and removed via the two side openings in the chain.

Application photo 2

Installed parts on axis 3-6

1x TRE.RS.60.087.1500.B
40x TRE.60.087.0.B
5x TR.60.30
2x TR.60.01
1x TR.60.02
1x TR.60.05

Application photo 4

Installed parts on axis 2

81x TRE.60.087.0.B
1x TR.60.01
2x TR.60.02