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Palletising with cobots

For palletising, the ProPak1.4 station uses a cobot from Universal Robots. Additional cables and pneumatic hoses must be guided on the cobot for the application. The TRE.40.058.0.B in combination with the UR clamps provides this guidance.

Company: Biuro Inżynierskie IEC sp.zo.o.
Contact: Janosz Sławomir
Country: Poland


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The additionally required hoses and cables were attached to the arm of the robot using standard cable ties. The partly very firm and static attachment to the robot arm resulted in:

  • Higher load on the motors, which led to irregular stoppages of the cobot.
  • Hoses and cables chafe through at the fixing points.
  • Pneumatic hose comes loose at the connections.


Mr. Janosz confirms that by guiding the hoses and cables with the help of TRE.40.058.0.B, the problems mentioned above have been eliminated. According to him, the robot now moves "much more freely, almost gracefully". According to IEC sp.zo.o., "Every Cobot should be equipped with this solution as standard". Cobots react very sensitively to increased tension or pressure, which is controlled by the correct cable guidance using TRE.40.058.0.B. From now on the cable ties are used for the correct strain relief and not for fixing the cables and hoses.