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Friction stir welding with Fanuc

The robot was created in a joint development project with Fanuc and enables the joining of materials such as aluminium, its alloys as well as copper, titanium and steel, which are normally difficult to weld together. Besides, no additional material is required. The materials are joined together by pressure and friction alone. This connection, which is closed in this way, is superior to the basic materials, so that bending by even 90° at the weld seam is no problem.
Contact person: Sig. Sebastiano Carlesso
Country: Italy

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On the one hand, a visually appealing product should be created where no loops of the chain should disturb the image. 
On the other hand, maximum precision and smoothness on and around the robot is required. At the same time, the robot should not be restricted in its movement radius specified by Fanuc.  

  • Optically appealing (no loops of the e-chain)
  • No restriction to the movement of the robot


To achieve the desired smoothness of operation, a retraction system TR.RS.60.RC.B (R = fixed end on the right C = cover, B = B version of the TRE chain) with the high-traction and easy to fill TRE.60.087.0.B was chosen. The radius stability of the TRE.B version is even 4 times higher compared to the TRC (closed version). 
The rotary movement of axis 2 was performed by a twisterchain.  

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