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Coating overhead with Fanuc P-350

This application is a coating plant for aircraft parts. In this particular case around the wings of the aircraft. 
The system can move over a length of 59 m and a width of 22.3 m. In addition to the 3D triflex R chain, a circular trough module was also installed on axis 2 of the robot, which allows 360° rotation.  
Company: Aerobotix
Contact person: Mr. Jared Bishop
Country: USA

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In an application for coating parts, special care must be taken to ensure that no parts come into contact with the  workpiece to be coated. Therefore the solution with a loose chain on the robot was not an option from the very beginning. A solution that stays close to the robot and provide maximum motion for axes 3-6 was required.

  • Working overhead necessarily requires a retraction system
  • Coating plants require compact design 


By installing the retraction system (TR.RSE.70) together with the TRC e-chain (TRC.70.110.0), all cables could be guided safely and, above all, close to the robot.
The Fanuc P-350 retains all its mobility, which is further increased by the circular movement installed on axis 2. 

Application photo 2
Application photo 3