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Easily plan complete standardised systems

For linear travels of 1,200m or more and for rotary or vertical movement, we offer a number of standardised modules that we can quickly adapt to your application. The advantages of standardised components:

  • Complete systems consisting of energy chain, cables, strain relief and guide trough
  • Security with a system guarantee
  • Easy to plan with existing 2D or 3D data
  • Reduce costs with standardisation and lower purchased volumes

Long travels (up to 200m), indoors and outdoors

basic flizz module

The low-maintenance basic flizz module has proven itself hundreds of times in outdoor applications and in extreme dirt accumulation.

More about the basic flizz module

Complete rotary module without a slip ring body

RBR module in design

Compact rotary union for all media and for rotary speeds of up to 360°/s.

More about the RBR module

Zig-zag modules for vertical applications

Zig-zag in the theatre

Stage energy supply systems safely, quietly and invisibly.  

More about the zig-zag solution

Long-travel modular system for up to 1,200m

Energy supply for long travels

From bulk handling applications in dust and dirt to indoor cranes to handling robots to outdoor port cranes, from RTG to STS – we just configure the right solution for you.

More about long-travel modules

e-spool: the alternative to the cable drum


All media in a single system, always adaptable and entirely without slip rings.

More about e-spool modules

Energy supply systems for electroplating

guidelite electroplating channel

Developed for use in electroplating and fertiliser production: our energy supply system made of chemical-resistant, corrosion-resistant igumid EG+.

More about electroplating products


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