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Predictive maintenance

As one of the main components of Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance takes the approach of predicting the maintenance of machines and systems. The method uses values and data measured by sensors. Predictive maintenance enables a more efficient and economical design of machines, leading to a reduction in failures and immense cost savings. With condition monitoring systems and smart algorithms you can monitor and co-ordinate processes from anywhere in the world.
Typical industries and applications: downtime-sensitive equipment, such as conveyor systems in power plants, waste incineration systems, chemical plants...

Energy chain

isense smart plastics

isense smart plastics

Intelligent igus® smart plastics as active shapers of smart factories

  • Energy chains that recognise their own need for maintenance
  • More efficient and more economic organisation of maintenance and repair work on your machines
  • Predictable replacement date during operations (predictive maintenance) 



  • Push/Pull Force Detection System (PPDS)
  • Emergency shutdown or alarm in response to a potential system overload


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