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Moving energy made easy ... e-chains® and e-chain systems®

New ideas for automation with long travels

Innovative energy supply systems, for example, for the concatenation and supply of linear robots, handling robots and automotive manufacturing facilities. The knowledge gained from igus® research in the area of plain bearings has been incorporated into the completely revised P4.1 rol e-chain®. Tribologically optimised pin/bore connections can more than double the service life. As an option, these bearing points can be made "smart" so that maintenance requirements can be predictable. With its gantry trough and its pull-chain system, igus® is exploring completely new directions and concepts. A high degree of safety thanks to completely enclosed and space-saving energy supply systems that are subjected to little or no push-pull forces. They can therefore be suitable for very long travels.

News highlights

e-chain® E2.1

New generation E2/000 e-chains®

New generation P4.1 system

Energy supply made safer and more reliable for extremely long travels and a longer service life: new generation P4 system


e-chain® with exdentable pin for automatic securing.


The plane-chain for long travels from igus ensures a compact energy and data supply in production.

Lean separator for energy supply systems

Assembly simplified, stability increased - Now from stock for many series

Pull-chain system

Design study: pull-chain system without the application of thrust for theoretically endlessly long travels.

Cables for cost-effective vertical applications

Lighter, lower noise, easier: triple benefit at less cost – guidelite GLV


Intermittent contact points prevent chain from freezing at very low temperatures

Guidance for hydraulic hoses

Safe and reliable guidance for two hydraulic hoses. The special solution for access platforms and construction machinery

Roller crossbar

Rolling guidance of soft hoses increases service life