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Moving energy made easy: energy chains and systems

Moving energy is now made even easier with the new E4Q e-chain®. The innovative crossbar mechanism makes the chain openable by hand. The new e-skin flat has a flat, modular structure and is completely sealed. It is suitable for small spaces. With the e-loop, cables are guided reliably and safely on the high seas and at great altitudes.

Series E4Q/R4Q energy chain

System E4Q/R4Q - the best possible solution for unsupported lengths and long travels

e-skin® soft corrugated tube

e-skin soft' cleanroom energy supply system with softer material and smaller installation height <200mm available.

Flat cable guidance system: e-skin® flat

The e-skin® flat cable guidance system – also fits into extremely compact installation spaces – ideal for the semiconductor industry

Modular e-loop energy chain system

Secure cable guidance of the top drive with igus® e-loops

Trough clip

Energy supply for static cables. Trough clip, guides cable along the guide trough

Hybrid energy chain YE

Hybrid energy chain YE - the best mix of lightweight plastic and tough steel for an energy chain that can easily handle high unsupported travels.


The plane-chain for long travels from igus ensures a compact energy and data supply in production.

twisterband HD

twisterband HD - two new, compact sizes - rotate energy, data, air and fluids in a confined space

Clamps for cobots and small robots

Clamps for cable guidance for collaborative robots ‒ new modular concepts for fast, tool-free energy supply attachment

e-spool® flex - continuous panel feed

The e-spool® flex is the igus® version of a cable drum.