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Low Cost Automation:

Tech up & Cost down

Determine your personal savings potential NOW*

*Whether we are talking about savings in terms of time or money spent on installation, selection, design etc., or about technical improvement in the form of ease of installation, durability etc., if we are unable to show you any savings or technical improvement, we will recommend an alternative solution.

Tech up, Cost down with Low Cost Automation

Tech up

technology up

  • Various robot kinematics for any application area
  • No maintenance or lubrication required
  • Extensive selection aid for application implementation

Cost down

Cost down

Large companies aren't the only ones affected by automation

Increase productivity with cost-effective, compact, durable robotics components

Process enhancement with robots


  • Flexibility thanks to highly networked production
  • Fewer errors thanks to automation technology
  • Automate processes that are hazardous to personnel health
  • Automate processes instead of outsourcing them
  • Quick delivery times thanks to no-personnel shift work
  • Downtime reductions 
  • Relieve personnel and primary processes
  • Simple retooling thanks to component modularity and compatibility


Everything from a single source – from your idea to automation solution

We have taken on the task of implementing your automation solution with minimal effort, low cost, and selected components.
You can find everything you need for your automation solution in our online shop. Entire articulated arm robots, gearboxescontrol systems, and electric motors – our experts help you with product selection, tailored to your application. Contact us!

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▲ Tech up

Robotics components made of tribologically optimised plastics

Decades of experience with tribologically optimised plastics have gone into our Low Cost Automation solutions: 
  • No maintenance or lubrication required thanks to self-lubricating plastic components
  • Cost down with lightweight robotics
  • Automation systems for various requirements such as high temperatures, dirt, and heavy loads

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Robot components

More flexibility with various robot kinematics – easily configured

We have the right automation solution for any application,
from fast pick-and-place applications to sorting tasks to handling applications. In our modular robotics kit, you can find all suitable components and kinematics.
You want to simulate your application online first? Test our robolink configurator.  

Configure now, free of charge

Expert support, on site or online

We make your introduction to the world of automation as easy as possible:
  • Free-of-charge support provided by our experts
  • Are you already in the process of planning an application and would like to test your selected overall system ahead of time? Customer and service life tests are performed regularly in our in-house test laboratory
  • New: Test our free-of-charge igus Robot Control softwareand get to know the user-friendly programming and control systems of robots with various kinematics

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▼ Cost down

Corrosion-free xiros® plastic ball bearings

Modular control system and software for Cartesian-coordinate, articulated arm, and delta robots

We enable you to familiarise yourself with the robot programming system and simulate your robot application, all free of charge – before you buy your robot system. This gives you optimum planning reliability for your automation idea. Test the advantages of our free-of-charge igus Robot Control software.   Suitable for various kinematics.

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Test before you invest

In our Customer Testing Area, we test applications on request and predict the service life of the components used. Therefore, you can be sure that your planned application is ready for use and will work reliably immediately after purchase. Send us a concept or video of your application - we will test your application with subsequent consultation.

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Corrosion-free application tests

∎ Short payback period

An example from the plastics industry:
The overall investment of only €4,000 per injection moulding machine for a sprue picker paid for itself within a few months.  
The removal of sprues in the injection moulding process offers a great advantage and allows more economical production. Subsequent separation and other manual handling tasks are also eliminated.  



No lubrication necessary

Our robot components require not a drop of lubricating oil. Not only our users, but also the environment profit from this. In addition, our tribologically optimised materials produce less abrasion, as a result of which less energy is needed.

Tribologically optimised plastics at igus®

Tech up. Cost down. Change now!

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