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Shore-side power supply of FSU/FSRU at Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal (LNG)

Shore-side power cable management system for floating storage unit in Bahrain

For the new offshore LNG terminal in Bahrain, Schneider Electric and igus have developed the world's first shore-side power supply system for a Floating Storage Unit (FSU). The core component of the system is a flexible cable feed system that bridges the 30 m distance between the crossbar and the FSU.  
[[Liquefied Natural Gas is one of the most important energy sources of the present and future.
In Bahrain, the state authorities have set up a joint venture for the planning and construction of an LNG terminal, which has just gone into operation.  


Application Schneider

The background:

The terminal is located about three kilometres off the coast. LNG carriers dock at the terminal and unload the liquefied gas into the FSU, which serves as intermediate storage. The liquid gas is then pumped to the platform and regasification unit, from where it is transferred in gaseous form via underwater pipelines.

The challenge:

To supply the Floating Storage Unit with power, a connection between the terminal and FSU had to be created. Here not only a distance of more than 30 m had to be bridged, but also the movements of the FSU due to loading and unloading, tides, waves and storms had to be considered.
The requirement  was to create a permanent, robust and safe connection, which could also be disconnected in an emergency - for example in the event of a tsunami. In an emergency, it had to be ensured that the power was switched off immediately and automatically.

The solution:

igus was able to convince the customer with the cable feed design, whose core is the offshore chain. The offshore chain has been developed for the harshest conditions, where harsh environmental influences prevail and safety and durability are crucial for the function of the plant.
The heavy-duty plastic chain impresses with its firmly screwed cable guide and interior separation, and is made of special plastics for extreme applications. All tensile forces are absorbed by the inner-lying ropes.
The installation of the shore-side power plant took place in June 2019 in Bahrain. Three months after completion of the construction work, the FSU ship arrived and was connected to shore-side power. At present, Schneider Electric engineers are still supporting construction site operations and monitoring the electrical system of the entire jetty.
This project has demonstrated the benefits of shore-side electricity technologies in the LNG industry. Schneider and igus continue to develop new solutions for different

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