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High variability at reduced costs

Application in the pharmaceutical industry

The parenterals plant of the Bayer AG fulfills all prerequisites for the manufacture of modern drugs. Drugs are directly administered parenterally through injection or infusion into the tissue or the bloodstream. Therefore utmost demands on quality are made especially with regard to microbial and particulate cleanliness. Fully automatic plants are used for instance in filling. After the bottles are cleaned, sterilized, filled and sealed in several procedures, a highly precise pick-and-place robot is used. It arranges the filled ampoules and/or drug vials pallet-wise in a lattice box before they are sent to the inspection, packaging and shipping departments. For this purpose there was a robot in application before as well, which had indeed exceeded its lifetime. Cable breaks occurred time and again due to the loads. The specific movements executed by the robot stressed the energy cables to a high degree. The task at present was to design a reliable handling system and also to update it optically as per the latest technology. The number of freely hanging electrical and pneumatic cables had to be bundled together. The jumbled pile of countless electrical and pneumatic cables could be bundled in the energy supply system. The entire plant today looks compact and clean at first sight. Due to its round design, the energy supply system glides over the exterior contour of the robot. For this reason it doesn't get caught or twisted. As the lattice box to be filled is not very large, this is an extremely important point. triflex® R guides the cables with a defined minimum bending radius. The bending radius is the same in all directions.

Unlimited application potentials

The triflex® system is most impressive when dealing in movements in more than two directions. They are primarily used in 6-axis robots found for instance in all environments in welding and painting applications, in the adhesives and grinding technologies, and also in the assembly of transmission systems or in tightening processes. It is also used in the selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA) at extremely high speeds. Fiber rods can be integrated in triflex® R in order to assimilate selective cambers. They grant the energy supply a certain arrangement and for instance keep them away from interfering edges. In conventional systems, this would partly require complex springs, linkages and guide systems. Besides the increased space requirement and new interfering edges, these external elements exert additional forces on the energy supply system creating several disadvantages.

triflex® R on Robots The cables within the energy supply system are securely protected and take part in all movements without any problem.

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