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Rocket launch site, Alcântara, Brasil

The site is located on the Atlantic coast just 240 km south of the equator and is therefore a perfect starting point. The rockets can thus reach the orbit faster and consume less fuel. This enables the entrainment of heavy loads.

To ensure the smooth running of the rocket launch, in addition to the proven energy supply system through the 8840 energy tube in heavy duty version, the highly flexible chainflex® cables are relied on. They are designed for mobile applications in such a way that they feature a long life and function absolutely reliably.

Technical data

Travels: 49800 mm

Speed: 0.08 m/s

Acceleration: 3.0 m/s²

Push-pull force: 3508N

Ambient conditions: dust / concrete

Temperature: -2 ~ 40°C

Operation: 2 / year

Construction of the new rocket launch site
energy chain 8840HD.30.200.0
Super-Alu Guide Trough

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