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e-chains® in CNC machining centre

Secure cable guidance thanks to igus®

e-chains® in CNC-machining centre made of wood

The fact that CNC machining centres do not necessarily have to be made of solid steel is proved by Thomas Müller's facility (Bentley, AL, Canada). With a repeat accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm, this wooden CNC milling machine has a remarkable precision and all the functions of a 2.5-dimensional CNC milling machine. The student in woodwork engineering used igus® e-chains® of the type E08 for energy guidance in his plant, which could be easily integrated into the system and guide all cables reliably and safely. Due to the open design of the energy chain, chips and wood dust can pass through the chain without clogging it. However, the cables remain protected from large chips. Further fascinating projects from the material wood are already in place, in which Thomas Müller collaborates with igus® in the scope of the Y.E.S. support.

e-chains® in CNC machining centre
e-chains® in CNC machining centre

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