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Complex movements

Eleven robots equipped with multidimensional energy supply systems

Today robots are an essential component of turnkey assembly plants in the automotive industry. As a rule they operate and perform very hard labor. Multidimensionally moveable energy supply systems provide the highest flexibility and the longest holding times in all complex movements, and at the same time are installation friendly. The LSW Maschinenfabrik GmbH is a worldwide provider of turnkey assembly plants for the automotive industry and their suppliers The LSW designed and constructed two assembly lines for a front and rear axle transmission respectively for a customer in the automotive supply industry. At present the LSW Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Bremen have equipped all eleven robots with the triflex® R energy supply systems.

Trailer principle for absorption of high tensile strength

There is a whole lot of technical reasons that favor the multidimensionally moveable energy supply system especially for robotic applications. It offers high flexibility and cable protection in complex movements even in the 6th axis. A rotation of up to about +/- 380° per meter in the long axis is possible and, like the movement in the radius, is limited by a well-defined stop dog. A guiding of the cable around difficult geometric shapes is supported by this feature, and the service life is extended by defined minimum bending radii. The so-called trailer principle (ball and socket connection similar to the trailer coupling in automobiles) enables a high tensile strength absorption, which means flexible movements in all axes with a tested tensile strength of up to 2 340 N. The energy supply system is impact resistant, dirt repellent, rugged, abrasion resistant and chip proof. They glide over interfering edges and protects the cables by a smooth interior and exterior contour.

triflex® R on Robots The universal assembly kit enables an installation of the energy supply system on site. This facilitates the planning.

Installation-friendly system

Small bending radii and the small pitch provide a space-saving installation. The installation and dismantling are very simple. The energy supply system consists of an injection molding part and doesn't need any elements along the tensile strength. They can be simply shortened or lengthened by their modular structure. The exterior stop dogs provide a high stability. Every system can be mounted on the robot and filled with cables simultaneously in a very short time with the universal assembly kit. The adaptation in the final trajectory is carried out with the installation set adjustable at all levels.

triflex® R on Robots Various trajectories of the robot. They are used for the handling of heavy parts or for the tightening process.

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