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Accessories for energy chains

Due to order peaks, the delivery time is 5-8 working days longer than stated. Please refer to our order confirmation for the specific delivery date. For urgent, short-term requirements, please contact us personally so that we can realise the delivery time necessary for you. You will find your contact person at the top of the menu under "My contact person", next to the language/country selection, or on this page.

Number of products: 9

Strain relief elements
Strain relief clamps, tiewrap plates and modular plug-in strain relief elements.
Guide troughs for long travels
From the lightweight and universally deployable "Super Alu" guide trough through to the simple and cost-effective snap-in trough.
PPDS - Push/Pull Detection System
  • Easy installation, non-interchangeable connectors
  • Easy programming using the keypad directly at the device
  • Compact housing, corrosion-resistant and with EMC protection
  • The force limit is programmed in tensile and compression directions
isense smart plastics
Eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs
Assembly tool
Simple opening and closing of chain links and big time savings in assembly.

40.39 USD/Pc.

13 items, thereof ready for shipping:
9 in 72 hours
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e-rib: corrugated tube reinforcement
The reinforcement for existing corrugated tube systems.  Easily retrofittable, little installation space required and stability against unwanted sideways movement.
Trough clip
Energy supply for static cables. Trough clip, guides cable along the guide trough
e-chain opener for the E2/000
  • Reduce the installation time to open an e-chain from 33 sec to 2 sec (tested series 2700.07)
  • For the E2/000 range (2400/2500, 2600/2700, 3400/3500)
  • Opening and closing of long chain units in one go

51.39 USD/Pc.

4 items, thereof ready for shipping:
1 in 24 hours
3 in 72 hours
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Interior separator | unassembled separators of the E2/000 system

0.32 USD/Pc.

4 items, thereof ready for shipping:
3 in 24 hours
1 in 72 hours
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